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This unit is a work horse on our customers Drilling Rigs. While similar in design to our smaller units, it has much more line capacity as well as increased horsepower giving more pulling power and greater
line speeds. This is a high performance unit that will get the job done. Itis powered by external open loop hydraulic power source. 
Drum Assembly Capacity25,000' of .092 Slickline
20,000' of .108 Slickline
15,000' of .125 Slickline
Drum MaterialNon-Cast All Steel
Brake AssemblyDual Wide Band
Brake ControlOperator Adjustable Handle
Drive AssemblyChain & Sprocket w/Tensioner
TransmissionThree Speed w/Reverse
Power Drive Assembly
Power SupplyRig Powered Hydraulics
Hydraulic ControlsSpeed Control
Directional Control Valve
Hydraulic SystemOpen Loop Rig Powered
Normal Working Pressure2,000 PSI
Maximum Wire Pull3,800 Pounds
Line Speed1250 FPM
Spooling AssemblyManual Level Wind
MountingStructural Steel Frame
Dimensions60"H X 43"W X 35"D
Weight w/Wire & Fluids2,500 Pounds
Operating Manuals2 Sets Supplied (English)
Additional FeaturesDual Lifting Eyes
Forklift Pockets
Safety Guards

Lubricators & BOP
Offshore Coating or High gloss urethane
Specs Certified by Int'l Certifying Authorities
Wireline Clamp
Hay Pulley
Wireline Wiper
Wireline Oiling System
Protective Cover


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