The Standard Wireline Unit is designed for general light duty well servicing operations.  Not limited to bottom-hole pressure/temperature surveys, operations include:  choke work papaffin work and hole deviation surveys.  The basic standard model includes a free spooling drum, dog clutch, band type brake with ratchet, brake lever, roller chain drum drive and 9 HP gasoline engine.  All equipment is mounted on base plate with drip rail.

Drum assembly capacity          15,000' of .092"
                                                  18,000' of .082"
                                                  21,000' of .072"
Drum material                           Non-cast all steel
Brake assembly                        Single wide band
Brake control                            Operator adjusting handle
Power drive assembly               9 Horsepower
Power supply                              Gasoline engine

Transmission:  3 speed forward- one reverse
Speed control:  Hydraulic speed control while going in the hole
Diesel Engine
Electric hydraulic:  10 HP 230/460 volt 3 Ph,  1800 RPM Ex Proof motor
Electric start for engines
Hydraulic drive:  2000 PSI working pressure open loop system
Skid and guard assembly:  Oilfield type with center lifting eye
Trailer:  All metal single axle trailer with lightweight hinged cover
Measuring device:  O-meter footage or metric measure
Weight indicator:  2000 lb / 1000KG dial

Lubricators & BOP
Offshore Coating or High gloss urethane
Specs Certified by Int'l Certifying Authorities
Wireline Clamp