• Drum assembly to be of all steel noncast construction with a capacity of 15,000 feet 5/16 inch wireline. A large diameter drum shaft with pillow block design bearings each end will be incorporated. A single conductor collector ring will be installed at the end of the drum shaft. Drum assembly will be on raised supports bolted to the truck frame.  
  • Brake assembly will be of dual wide band design offering good stopping, holding, and heat dissipation characteristics. A mechanical brake lever will be installed convenient to the operator.  NOTE: Air braking system is available at additional cost, if desired. 
  • Drive assembly will be by a chain and sprocket design with a tensioning system. A Funk three speed transmission will be installed for wider more varied selection of drum speed in conjunction with a planetary transmission. Hydraulic motor will drive the transmissions. 
  • Power drive assembly will be by a side mounted power take off installed at the truck transmission The power take off will be air shifted by a control in the driverís cab. The power take off will drive the hydraulic pump. 
  • Hydraulic assembly will be of closed loop design, 5,000 psi working pressure. A rugged duty variable displacement pump and fixed displacement motor will be installed. Control, speed and pull, will be by a mechanical joystick control lever. A remote relief valve will be installed as well as a safety dump valve. Dual safety type pressure gauges will be installed, one for monitoring the system charge pressure and one for monitoring the system working pressure.Hydraulic fluid will be supplied from a large capacity reservoir with breather, strainer filler cap and a sight level, temperature gauge to help maintain the integrity of the fluid. A high capacity oil cooler will be installed at the truck radiator to aid the reservoir in cooling of the fluid. A fine screen filtration system, with bypass feature, will allow the job to be completed before a filter change can be accomplished. The system will not shutdown leaving you stranded with the tool in the well, in the event a filter should require changing. All hoses and fittings will be sized for maximum flow. 
  • Spooling assembly will be by an underarm, shock mounted, steering arm. Steering will be of hydraulic design with a joystick control at the operatorís console. A measure meter for 5/16 inch wireline will be installed at the steering arm. A measure meter will be straight line with a large diameter register wheel and dual idler wheels installed. The register wheel housing is removable to aid in loading the wireline into the meter with the rope socket installed. A mechanical depth counter will be installed at the operatorís console area. .Encoder can be installed but must be sized by PDVSA as to the proper ppm rating. A hydraulic weight indicator will be installed with load cell at the measure meter and dial at the operatorís console. A fold down transit storage post will be installed to maintain the arm and measure meter during transit. 

  • Truck body to be of square tubing framework for a stronger, longer lasting, body with aluminum skin surrounding the frame work. Tool storage boxes will be installed either side of the body and will be lockable. Heavy duty hinges and latches will be incorporated. Tool storage area will be installed under the floor of the drum area with access doors. The drum area flooring will be of aluminum treadplate material. A roll up weather resistant cover will be installed over the drum area opening.
  •  Vee racks will be installed either side of the drum assembly with the offside of the operator entry door being full length and the door side being shorter. Access doors will be installed either side. 
  •  A heavy duty steel rear bumper with storage compartments will be installed. Tow chain accommodations will be incorporated into the bumper. Plate will be installed at top of the rear bumper for installation of supplied vise or vises. Fold down access steps will be provided for ease of entry to the drum area.
  • USDOT lighting and mudflaps will be installed. Body will be installed onto the truck chassisNOTE: Air bags, if required will be at additional charge Operatorís compartment will be behind the drum area and just behind the driverís cab.
  • The operatorís cabin will be approximately 8 feet long x 7 feet wide x 6-1/2 feet high, interior dimensions. The walls and ceiling will be well insulated to a high R factor and will be covered with a light colored FRP material.  A wide entry access door will be installed to the driverís side of the body unless otherwise requested by customer.  Fold out and down access steps will be installed. A large viewing window will be installed over the drum assembly and an opening window in the operatorís entry door will be installed as well. If customer prefers a second opening window can be installed on wall opposite entry door and or a fixed window, between the body and the driverís cab rear window, can be installed as a spotter window.  Cabin amenities include a well padded observers seat across the rear of the cabin with storage compartment under. Wall opposite the entry door will contain a light table, accommodation for computer rack, and an electrical compartment with storage area. A small storage cabinet work table will be alongside the entry door wall just forward of the door. Operatorís console will be across the operatorís window behind the drum assembly and inside the operatorís cabin. All controls, gauges and switches will be installed with operatorSafety, comfort, and efficiency in mind.  
  •  If shooting panel is required it will be at extra charge. 
  • Logging system will be supplied and installed by csutomer.
  •  12 volt DC lighting will be installed at the operatorís compartment, drum area, and rear exterior corners of the body 120 volt AC lighting will be installed at operatorís compartment, drum area, and rear exterior corners of the body. 
  • Climate control will be by dual roof mount air conditioners and a hot water heater with variable controls. 
  • Electric power will be supplied from a 10 kw hydraulic generator 120 volt 60 hertz. The generator will be installed into a side compartment.
  • Drum performance will be approximately 8,000 pounds line pull and 900 feet per minute(3,624 kg and 273 meters per minute) Safety guards and panels will be installed. Paint will be white to match driverís cab unless otherwise requested by PDVSA. 
  • Performance testing will be to MWI strictest standards All material used in the manufacture of this equipment will be of new and recent manufacture. Two sets operation, parts, and maintenance manuals will be supplied with the equipment.

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