Wireline truck with mast 
  • Single drum assembly to be of all non cast all steel construction with a capacity of 20,000 feet of .108 inch Wireline.  A large diameter drum shaft with pillow block bearings on each end will be incorporated.  12Ē Type O-measure meter with full wrap wheel and pressure wheels assembled on a level wind steering system and mechanical depth counter will be installed on the operatorís console. Both drum assemblies will be on raised step risers.
  • Brake assembly on the drum will be of dual wide brake bands offering good stopping, holding, and heat dissipation characteristics. Mechanical brake lever will be installed at the operatorís console. Drive assembly will be of chain and sprocket design with idler tensioning systems.
  • A four speed funk transmission will be installed. Hydraulic motor will drive the transmission. Power drive will be by a side mounted power take off installed on the truck transmission.  The power take off will drive the hydraulic pump. 
  • Hydraulic drive assembly will be of open loop design, 2,000 psi working pressure and 3,000 psi for intermittent duty. A rugged duty pump and motor will be installed. Control will be by a Barksdale directional control valve. Relief valving will be by a main relief valve with remote control and a cross-port relief valve for added motor protection during those hard jarring activities and other. A safety type pressure gauge will be installed for monitoring of the system working pressure. Hydraulic fluid will be supplied from a large capacity reservoir with breather type filler cap and a sight level/temperature gauge will be installed. The hydraulic oil  Cooler will be installed to aid the reservoir in cooling of the hydraulic fluid. Filtration will be by a suction separator and a return filter with bypass feature. A filter condition monitoring gauge will be installed. All hoses and fittings will be sized for maximum flow.    
  • Spooling will be by a level wind steering track located in front of the drum assembles with a steering wheel installed at the operatorís console. 



  • Operatorís cabin will be of all steel construction and will be approximately 6 foot front to back by 7 foot wide x 6 foot high, interior dimensions. The walls, floor, and ceiling will be well insulated and a FRP paneling material will be installed at walls and ceiling. A large viewing window will be installed behind the drum assemblies with opening windows at entry door.And opposite wall as well as a 45 degree observation window at front uppermost area of the cabin. Heavy duty hinges and refrigerator type latch will be installed at entry door. Entry access door will be installed driverís side of body unless otherwise requested. A fold down step will be incorporated for ease of access to the operatorís compartment. A well padded observerís bench will be installed across rear of the cabin and will have storage area under. A well padded operatorís seat, with back rest, will be installed at the operatorís console area. Operatorís console will be installed inside of the cabin assembly and behind the drum assembly. All controls will be installed with operator safety, comfort, and efficiency in mind. 
  • Truck body will be of flatbed design and will have a diamond pattern tread plate flooring installed. US Dot lighting will be installed as well as mud flaps. Underbody tool boxes will be installed. Step rear bumper will be installed.  
  • Work lighting will be of 12 volt DC operation and will be located interior of the operatorís cabin and exterior of cabin over the drum assemblies. An additional light will be installed at the mast. 
  • Climate control will be by a roof mounted air conditioner. A hot water heater will be installed under the observerís bench. 
  • 6 KW Generator will be installed for 120VAC lighting and air conditioning.   
  • Mast will be telescoping and of all steel, rectangular box construction. A top sheave wheel with guide blocks will be installed at top of the mast. A snatch block mount and electric winch will be installed.  The mast support will be of goal post design and will be installed to the truck frame. This will allow the wireline to be run in a horizontal direction between the mast supports or a vertical direction over the top of the mast. A mast storage mount will be installed for transportation purposes. The mast will have mechanical locks for operating in a full upright position. The mast will have full hydraulic operation in raising and scoping functions. Controls will be located at driverís side rear of the body. Hydraulic outriggers will be at rear corners of the body for leveling of the truck before operations begin. Mast height will be approximately 55 feet from the ground and drop point will be approximately 6 feet from rear bumper. 
  • Performance (approximate)Drum 1,500 feet per minute and 4,000 pounds